Why the Tree is Sad


What makes the tree sad?

AA song story about a sad tree and his many friends – the monkey, the snake, the tiger, the eagle who brings him fish, the mouse who sings him rap. They even call a witch who gives him a dose of ‘dream’. All his friends try to find what makes him so sad. Can you guess, finally, what really makes the tree happy again?



Writer: Deepali Parmar
Singer and Narrator: Deepali Parmar
Artwork: Andrew Foerster of Toronto, ON, Canada
Composed By: Uday Deshpande
Language: English



Deepali parmar

A hundred mistaken identities come alive feeling so right in me after everyone is done labeling me 'crazy' - writer, artist, creative educator, intuitive counselor, performer who the kind witch did not forget to ingest with the wildest of potions with a gift of story telling... i wish she'd spared me the rest... above all - mother to a story guzzling little boy.

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