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Welcome to The Kahani Project. The Kahani (Hindi word for Story) Project aims to bring together storytellers from across the world who want to set stories free. We believe that listening to stories is a fundamental right of every child and captured in digital audio format stories can be made more accessible and available to children of all age groups, nationalities and disabilities.

The Kahani Project aims to crowd-source audio stories and then distribute them either through this website or through mp3 players given to visually impaired children in various institutes for the blind.

This website features audio stories recorded by volunteers who have a passion for storytelling and some time on their hand. We also feature stories from here and there across the Internet.

Anyone can contribute a story on The Kahani  Project and you can begin begin now. Sign-Up using the form below and we will walk you through the steps that will get you started with recording and uploading your digital audio stories.


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Happy storytelling!

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Ajay Dasgupta

On a mission to make stories more accessible to every child. Founder of The Kahani Project and Skills Cafe' (http://www.skills.cafe)

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  1. Hello,

    I just signed up here. How do I choose a story? Are there any Copyright related formalities that I need to take care of, any author permission etc?

    Please let me know.

    • Hello from The Kahani Project. Thank you signing-up and joining us in setting stories free. Here are responses to your questions:

      1. Selecting Stories – You can select any story as long as it is not by a major publishing house and copyrighted stories. The best idea is to stick to stories in the public domain, stories that are older (before 1970) and folktales, folklore and stories in the oral tradition.
      2. We avoid authors, stories and publishers who are strict about copyrights. Not that we do not care for them, but, we want to ensure that stories are freely accessible. If you are recording a story from an author you know, then it may be a good idea to get a permission from the author. Please state the name of the author, story, translator, book and publisher when you record your story.
      3. For more information on recording and uploading, use this link – http://thekahaniproject.org/becoming-a-storyteller-on-the-kahani-project/
      4. We are also currently running a contest called Kath Dhara – http://thekahaniproject.org/katha-dhara-online-storytelling-contest/ If you send a story before 16th Feb, then will add it to the contest.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Hope to listen to your story soon.

  2. Dear Ajay,

    I got your reference and little info about the Kahani Project from a common friend. I am a writer of sorts and do write short stories for readers across age groups. Though I have never tried my hand at audio stories but after going through the content on site I feel may be I could contribute in written form which can be converted into audio.
    I have written some stories for children which are learning / moral based more relevant to Indian context. You can check a sample of the same by clicking the following link:
    Please revert if you feel this sort of contribution is relevant to The Kahani Project.
    Warm Regards


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