Tuthuni Veda and The Story Of Creation By Pratap Rumjali Rai


The Kahani team had a fantastic opportunity to interview Mr. Pratap Rumjali Rai during the Storytelling Festival organized by Acoustic Traditional in Darjeeling in December, 2012. Mr. Rai is a scholar, researcher and storyteller from Darjeeling and has conducted his Doctoral research on the subject of Buddhist Ethics.

The Kahani team caught up with Mr. Rai in a free-wheeling interview and recorded two stories with him. Both these stories come from the Rai oral storytelling tradition. The first story is one of the many Rai stories of creation and the second story is about the Tuthuni Veda or the Rai oral (Tuthuni) tradition.

The Tuthuni Veda

A Rai Story Of Creation

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