The Wolf in Sheep’s Skin


A classic fable about deception is retold in English.

What happens when a shepherd fails to notice that one of his sheep is, actually, a wolf? Does the wolf eat up all of the unsuspecting sheep? Does the shepherd chase the wolf away? Or is there another way for this story to end?

Find out in this story by the mysterious Greek fabulist Æsop. The stories of Æsop have always been told to provoke thought and learning.

You can find a video telling of the story here.

Story Title: The Wolf in Sheep”s Skin
Language: English
Storyteller: Swati Madathamana

Full Story

Read the full story in English



Karishma is fascinated with language and how it contributes to identity. As a facilitator and educator, she wants to bring more storytelling into formal education...that is until formal education is overhauled altogether.

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