लाल तुरेवाला कोंबड़ा – The Red Wattled Rooster



“कोंबडोबा कोंबडोबा
लाल तुरा तुझा छान,
पांढरीशुभृ तुझी छाती
दाढी सुरेख रेशीमपोती,
दावशील मुखडा तुझा देखणा
तर देते पसाभर वाटाणा !”

Writer: Aleksey Tolstoy
Translation: Anil Havaldar
Storyteller (Marathi): Sunanda Hulyalkar
Art: Evgeny Rachev

Full text of the story (https://archive.org/details/LalTurewalaKombda-Marathi-LeoTolstoy)

Learn more about the author

Aleksey Nikolayevich, Count Tolstoy(born Jan. 10, 1883 [Dec. 29, 1882, Old Style], Nikolayevsk, Russia—died Feb. 23, 1945, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R.), novelist and short-story writer, a former nobleman and “White” Russian émigré who became a supporter of the Soviet regime and an honoured artist of the Soviet Union. more…

Learn more about the illustrator

The name of Evgenii Rachev is inseparable from folktales especially those where animals are the chief protagonists. Rachev said: “What I wanted was to draw fairy beings which looked very much like animals but at the same time had some human traits. That was the greatest challenge”. Rachev created a whole world of inimitable fairy tale animals. The animals were instantly recognisable but had human facial expression, gestures and clothes helping to understand not only the fairy tale’s plot but also its gist.



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