The Mouse with Seven Tails



mouse was born with seven tails. As the mouse grew older and started going to school, his classmates made fun of the young mouse because of his seven tails. The mouse was embarrassed and ashamed. Disheartened by the teasing, the little mouse chopped off a tail. However, the teasing did not stop and the little mouse came crying back from school. What did the mouse do to make the teasing stop? Listen to the story to find out.
The story of ‘The mouse with Seven Tails’ teaches children to celebrate individual differences rather than blunting their uniqueness to fit in.

Story Title: ઉંદર સાત પૂછડીવાળો
Author: Unknown
Storyteller: Devangi Joshi
Story Title: ઉંદર સાત પૂછડીવાળો
Author: Unknown
Language: Gujarati
Storyteller: Pa Pa Pagli
Story Title:

सात पूँछ का चूहा
Author: Unknown
Language: Hindi
Storyteller: Kids Eguide


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