The Magic Slipper


In this English telling of the popular Japanese tale, Kentaro is worried about how he will care for his mother. He has no money to buy food or medicines and he is convinced that he will die. A mysterious old man gave Kentaro a magic slipper to solve his problems. Will it? Will Kentaro’s greedy uncle con him out of it?


Story Title: The Magic Slipper
Story Retold by Hema Pande
Language: English
Storytellers: Erica Taraporewala

Video Story in Hindi

Read the full story

Read the full story in Hindi



Karishma is fascinated with language and how it contributes to identity. As a facilitator and educator, she wants to bring more storytelling into formal education...that is until formal education is overhauled altogether.

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  1. What a beautiful story. Thank you so much in taking so much effort in making these stories reachable to more and more people. Grateful to you all.

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