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Here are a bunch of stories selected and recorded by members of Rotaract District 3011 as a part of their initiative ‘Qissa- The Audio Story’. Stories from different sources and of myriad genres are included to make learning holistic, with the aim to provide children the best experience. Much love and gratitude to all the volunteers who took part in this project.

Some of the stories were sourced from Storyweavers by Pratham books. We thank them for curating and availing amazing stories for children.

Listen to these stories and tell us your favorites.

Story Title: What’s in the Pot
Storyteller: Avaya



Story Title: The Famous Number Five
Storyteller: Avaya


Story Title: Fati and the Soup
Storyteller: Avaya

Story Title: The Beautiful Birds
Storyteller: Avaya



Story Title: Khukhu and the Catfish
Storyteller: Avaya


Story Title: Forgetful Number Eight
Storyteller: Avaya

Story Title: The Very Wiggly Tooth
Storyteller: Avaya



Story Title: Fox and the Lump of Clay
Storyteller: Avaya


Story Title: Fantastic Number Three
Storyteller: Avaya

Story Title: The Coffee Legend
Storyteller: Avaya



Story Title: Bhabho the Buffalo
Storyteller: Avaya


Story Title: A Camel for Kernel
Storyteller: Avaya

More about Rotaract District 3011 and Qissa

Rotaract, is the youth wing of Rotary international, known worldwide.
Rotaract District 3011 covers the NCT of Delhi , the revenue districts of Faridabad, Gurugram, Rohtak,and Rewari in Haryana along with other districts.
Rotaract District 3011 sows the seeds of an Audio Library for the visually impaired children through an initiative ‘Qissa – The Audio Story’.Qissa is launched to cater to the needs of children belonging to the age group of pre-teens (till the age of 12 years).
Listen and get ready to fall in love with the magical world of stories.


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