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eem the half-boy’ is one of the most acclaimed children’s stories by Idries Shah. Like some of Shah’s other stories, Neem the half-boy is based in a fantastical world. Through symbols and metaphors, the story delivers morals for both young and adults.
The queen of a fictitious town called ‘Hich Hich’ wants a son. Arif, the wise man suggests that the queen should eat the apple that he gives, to bear the child. However, the queen was careless to not eat the apple fully and she eventually gives birth to a half-boy – Neem. Neem’s quest of becoming a full boy seems like a difficult and scary task. Listen to the story to find out if Neem is successful in this quest.

Story Title: नीम, एक अर्धा मुलगा
Author: Idries Shah
Translation: Ashwini Barwe
Storyteller: Sunanda Hulyalkar
Story Title: नीम, एक आधा लड़का
Author: Idries Shah
Translation: Unknown
Storyteller: Priya Garg
Story Title: Neem the Half-Boy
Author: Idries Shah
Language: English
Illustrations: Midori Mori and Robert Revels
Storyteller: Hoopoe Books
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