How Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots


Nganga, a guinea fowl is friends with a cow. They both have a common foe – the ferocious lion. Nganga with her courage and quick wit saves the cow from the mighty lion. As a heartfelt gift for being a true friend, the cow gives Nganga beautiful white spots all over her body which helps her camouflage in the grass and hide from predators forever.

This Swahili folktale about friendship and bravery that teaches children how even the mightiest beast can be won over with a true friend has also won the Minnesota Book Award, 1991.



Story Title: Gini Murgi ne Kaese Paayi Chittiyaan
Author: Barbara Knutson
Illustration: Barbara Knutson
Storyteller: Mitashini Koul


Story Title: How Guinea Fowl Got her Spots
Storyteller: Jandee Kruse

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About the Author

Born in South Africa, Barbara Knutson is an author and illustrator who is acclaimed for the “vigorous humor” of her pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations “and the broad comedy of a familiar story scheme (which) are both delightful.”
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