Garud Ani Ghubad


Owls have never had the most pleasant relationship with eagles. The two species keep fighting over nests. They accuse each other of eating the other’s children!

Now one pair of owl and eagle has finally decided to stop fighting. They are making a promise to be friends with each other. Although the fighting is over, how can the owl make sure that the eagle doesn’t gobble his children? Maybe the owl could describe them to his new friend? Will that work?

If the owl says that his children have the most beautiful faces and eyes anyone has ever seen, will the eagle know who to spare? Find out in this story.

Story Title: Garud aani Ghubad
Storyteller: Guruprasad
Language: Marathi


Guruprasad Kanitkar

A Conman Man portrayed by R.K. Laxman but A Broadcast engineer for bread & butter. Also do the Marathi Voice overs, Dubbings, Scripting & translations of Radio commercials in Marathi & Hindi. Communicator, blog writer, A firm believer of democracy, follower of Gandhi thoughts (Mahatma Gandhi), Politically Left of the center.

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