Bhool Swarga (The Wrong Heaven) by Rabindranath Tagore

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Story Title: Bhool Swarga (The Wrong Heaven)
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Storyteller: Mahua Bose (English), Jayita Lahiri (Bengali)
Language: Benagli and English
Illustration: Heavenly sounds by Sandy Damon
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“The man was quite a loafer. He did not have any work to do, but had lots of hobbies.
He used to pour earth into little wooden moulds and decorate them with oyster-shells. From a distance it looked like a hazy picture with a flight of birds in it; or like an uneven field with cattle grazing; or maybe like an undulating hilly landscape with a stream or a hikers’ path running across it.

His folks used to rebuke him. Sometimes he also thought that he would give up all these crazy ideas. But craziness refused to leave him alone.”

The Story In English

Full Text of Story In English


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  1. Took a deep breadth after listening to this and sat still for a while doing nothing 🙂
    I think we have forgotten how to do that…loved it.

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