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Storytelling can be a delightful activity. Through the Kahani Project, you can become a storyteller and reach out to thousands of people from your home or work desk. Here is a quick start guide on how what you will need to get started.

Just follow the directions provided here and you will be on your way to becoming a famous storyteller.

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Get ready to record stories

You can record and upload stories from your home computer. You need 4 things to be able to do this:

  1. The Audacity software. You will use this software to record stories on your computer. You must have a stable Internet connection to download and install the Audacity software.
  2. The LAME encoder which will help you convert your recorded stories into .mp3 files. Click here to learn how to install the LAME Encoder on your computer.
  3. A headphone with a microphone. For a quick guide on selecting a good headphone with a microphone, click here.
  4. Record stories You will need to select a few stories/poems that you wish to record. Click here to get some helpful tips on choosing a story to record
  5. Upload Stories to The Kahani Project. Follow these steps to upload your recorded stories to The Kahani Project.

View the steps involved in each item below.

Installing the Audacity Software

Note: These instructions are for a Windows computer. We will shortly publish a Mac Getting Started Guide.

  1. You first need to download Audacity. Audacity is free software that can be used to record and edit audio file on your computer. Audacity can be downloaded from the website –
  2. If you have a fast Internet connection, we suggest you download the .exe file or else download the .zip file.
  3. If you have downloaded the .exe file, just double click the file and follow the on screen instructions to install Audacity. If you have downloaded the .zip file, then extract the files to a folder and double click the file Audacity.exe (it has the  icon). This will launch the Audacity program.
  4. Double click the audacity.exe file or if you have installed the application, click Start > Audacity to launch the application. You should see the following screen.

Great you almost there!

Downloading and Installing the LAME encoder

When you record any audio using Audacity, the program saves the files in an Audacity Project or .aup format. To be able to play back the audio file using a media player we need to export the file to an .mp3 file format. The .mp3 format is readable by almost all media players and devices. All stories in The Kahani Project are also recorded and stored in .mp3 file format. The LAME encoder allows Audacity to export files in .mp3 file format.

Here is how to install the LAME encoder:

  1. Click the following link – This will take you to the LAME download page. Click the link For FFMpeg/LAME on Windows: Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe to download the LAME encoder in an .exe file format.
  1. Double-click “Lame v3.99.3 for Windows.exe” to launch it (you can safely ignore any warnings that the “publisher could not be verified”). Note: It is a best practice to close Audacity and other audio applications while installing the LAME software.
  2. Follow the “Setup” instructions to install LAME for Audacity. Do not change the offered destination location of “C:Program FilesLame for Audacity”.
  3. The first time you use the “Export as MP3” command, Audacity will ask for the location of “lame_enc.dll”. Navigate to “C:Program FilesLame for Audacity”, select “lame_enc.dll”, then click “Open” and “OK”.
  4. If you prefer the Zip option for the LAME download, save the zip file to anywhere on your computer, extract “lame_enc.dll” to any location, then show Audacity where to find it as in Step 5 above.

You are now ready to record stories on your computer.

Selecting A Good Headphone

You do need to invest (Rs. 600 to 800) in a headphone with microphone. We record most of our stories using the Logitech USB headphone. It gives good audio clarity and cuts out the background noise. The Philips headset range is also good. You can view the Philips range here –

Note: Always buy a noise cancelling headset.

Recording Stories Using Audacity

Watch this 5 minute video on how to record stories using the Audacity software.

Uploading and Publishing Your Recorded Story To The Kahani Project

Step 1: Login using your account.

Step 2: Click the Upload a Story button in the right side bar.

Step 3: Click the + sign on the Upload page.

Step 4: Then, use the upload form below to upload your file. Click Select Files and upload the file.

Step 5: Provide a description about the story and then, click Save.

Note: If this doesn’t work can you email your recorded story (.mp3 or the .aup Audacity) through mail to
For comments, questions, suggestions and feedback, please use the Comments section below.

Happy Storytelling!

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