Avasara Storython!


A storython of 21 stories narrated by 21 little girls of the Avasara Academy, Mumbai. The students of the Avasara Leadership Fellows (ALF) came together to record and share stories in audio and video with children across the world through The Kahani Project.

About the Avasara Leadership Fellows:

The Avasara Leadership Fellows a non-profit after-school enrichment program that adds deep value to the educational experience of motivated young women by providing academic support and leadership training to girls attending municipal or affordable private schools in Mumbai. To know more about the Avasara Leadership Fellows click here www.avasaraleadershipfellows.org.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” said Robert McKee. 

Following are the twelve stories that the Avasara team shared with us. Don’t forget to leave a message for ALF and tell us what you think about these stories by commenting on this post below. Special thanks to student and volunteer Ashna for organizing and making this happen.

If you would like to organize a similar storython in your school, please email us – editor@thekahaniproject.com.

Love And The Time Story

Love is stranded on the Island of Feelings, Time helps him. The importance of time and value of love.

The Apple Tree And A Boy

The helpful apple tree and the boy’s growing desires. See how the boy fulfills them.

Gold Coins And A Selfish Man

Honesty is the best policy and Greed leads to suffering. Let’s listen to the story and see how a selfish man gets punished.

The Boy Who Taught Me

A little boy’s determination and sincerity teaches his master how valuable education and sharing are.

Night Dream

The fantasy world a little girl builds in her dreams.


Esiotrot is the reversal of the word ‘tortoise’! A cute story of Mr. Johns, Miss Laura and the tortoises.

Greedy Boy

“Greediness will make you lose everthing.” Let’s listen to how the greedy boy lost the race.

Jungle Ki Bhoot

Do doston ki jungle ke safar ki majedaar kahani.

Biliyaan Aur Bandar

Do biliyon ki roti ki majedaar kahani.

Jaise Ko Taisa

“Jaisi Karni, Waisi Bharni!” Aayiye Shruti iss kahani ke baare mein sunte hain.

Money Can’t Buy Everything

A little boy’s wish to spend a little time with his father, who’s a very big businessman.

Princess Rose And The Golden Bird

The sweet lullaby of Princess and Bird are destroyed by the wicked witch.

Snow White

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?”

The Crocodile And The Monkey

Let’s hear and see how the Crocodile betrays his friendship with the Monkey.

The Golden Egg

“He who wants everything, every time. Will have to pay everything, anytime!”

The Secret Of Happiness

Happiness depends on ourselves.

Think Before You Speak

“Words hurt, more than actions do!” One must always think before speaking.


A little girl stays back home alone, to babysit for two younger sisters and a stranger walks in. Let’s listen to Nadiya what happens next.


‘Bill and the Boom Box Rocket’ narrated by Rashi

Bill wants to fly to the moon. Let’s listen to Bill and his brother Ron’s Boom Box Rocket story.


The Honest Woodcutter

The honesty of the poor woodcutter rewards him with more fortune.


The dog, the cock and the fox

The story of togetherness of two friends and how they help each other to face all challenges.


It was great pleasure to work with the Avasara Leadership Fellows Team and we would love to carry this journey forward.

Khushboo Kataria

Greetings! I'm Khushboo. I'm 18 years old, pursuing my education in Pune, India. I love literature, dance, art, sports and most importantly learning. Which is the sole motive or aim that makes me work with the amazing team of The Kahani Project as one of the editors. Being born and brought up in India I have learnt a little about this country and definitely grew up with an idea to do something for it. I find The Kahani Project a large platform to do a little for my country by spreading stories to it's growing generation.

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