A Collection of Anti War Stories


“Maybe they wage wars because they didn’t hear enough stories.”

The Kahani Project

War has engulfed the world once again. It’s a war that no one wants, and no one will win, but it will leave thousands displaced, maimed, dead, and in pain. It will destroy families, communities, libraries, cities, birds, trees, squirrels, ducks, rats and rodents. What can we do? We can protest, not glorify war, do diplomacy, plead and fight back at this moment. And we can also tell stories to those who will become Generals, Diplomats, Prime Ministers and Presidents in the future. Maybe the stories will inspire them to love more and go to war less. Maybe Sadako’s thousand paper cranes will give us hope, and Ferdinand will help us know that it is okay to walk away. Maybe The General will inspire all army generals to find greatness in their souls and not on the battlefield. May Shin’s Tricycle reminds them of the horrors they can leave on their trail. May we find more Alia’s who shout – books over bombs, and then, when all hope is gone, may A Child’s Garden remind us of the power of a seed. Here is to all the children and people lost in war.


Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Sadako and the Paper Cranes

Languages: English and Hindi

The horrors of war last long after a war is over. Sadako and her paper cranes remind us that no matter who wins a war, humans always lose.

The Story of Ferdinand the Bull

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Ferdinand would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights. Ferdinand provokes us to ask – must we really fight?

The Librarian of Basra

The Librarian of Basra

Languages: English and Hindi

Alia loves her library and the books. As Iraq heads into war, Alia fears for her library and the books. Will she be able to save her books when the fire engulfs the library?

Shin's Tricycle

Shin’s Tricycle

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

Shinichi is playing on his tricycle when the bomb is detonated. Shin’s tricycle is now on display at the Hiroshima peace museum.

Chichibaba Ke Bhai

Languages: Hindi

In a distant land called Chichibaba there lived two brothers – Guruk and Turuk. They loved each other very much. The only thing they used to fight about was that Guruk was right handed and Turuk was left handed. And then!

A Child’s Garden

Languages: English

A child finds a lone plant growing in a war-torn ruin and nurses it until it covers the barbed wire fence separating him from the other side. Soldiers come and uproot the wine, but they can’t do anything about the seeds that have already been sown.

The General

Languages: English

It was the first time that the General had felt the grass, the wind, and heard the buzzing of the bees. In that one moment, the General found and made peace with himself and the world.

The Day War Came

Languages: English

When war comes, it takes away everything. Most of all it impacts women and children. Imagine a child who is sitting in her school and learning about the world, when suddenly war arrives and turns her school to dust. Where would she go? Where is home now?

More stories coming soon. If you would like to help us record stories, please fill-out your information here: https://forms.gle/864vM8FmkjUVEx3cA

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