An Afternoon With a Storyteller: Vasavi Mulay



Meet Vasavi Mulay from Pune. Apart from writing beautiful short stories, she is an architect, interior designer and a compère.

We got a call from Vasavi a few days back that she wished to record stories that she had written, so we invited her to our workspace.

With  a warm smile she began recording her stories. We could all sense that something precious was being shared. “Of course” she replies, “These stories are very special to me”. When she finished, her eyes were wet and she was smiling.

We asked her when she began to write. She told us that once she was very sick and recovery had very low chances. It was depressing for her. Then, one day on her Mother’s advice, she started writing stories. And by some magic she started to recover soon.

Stories heal; not only the listener but the teller too. 

Following are the two stories that Vasavi shared with us. Don’t forget to leave a message for Vasavi and tell us what you think about these stories by commenting on this post below.

Turning Problems

A Fan doesn’t know which direction to turn. A wasp helps him.


A little girl is very sick and her doctor isn’t allowed in the hospital.
Find out how he sneaks in.

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Khoji. Swaraj University. Storyteller on a mission to open his own imagination. Traveller to lesser known places and roads. Using film and words to share.

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  1. Lovely stories, Vasavi!! I’m guessing that you’ve borrowed from your own experiences in penning these stories – they are so rich in their use of metaphors – especially the first story, Turning problems. I hope we get to hear more of your stories here. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks Indu! I got a message from someone in the US who had heard the story. That’s how I read your comment today when I checked the website

  3. Lovely stories Vasavi… proud of you! Sure there are many more in your kitty………..keep them coming!!

  4. Just happened to come across these stories.
    Amazing stories Vasavi…..always knew that you could do it. Trust you have continued.


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