A library for every visually impaired child

Problem statement

Millions of visually impaired children, in India and across the world, do not have access to stories, poems, children’s literature, and content.

The idea

Kahani mp3 Players

A low-cost and simple to use mp3 player can hold a library full of audio content for children. The players can act as a mobile library of content and open a world of digital audio content of stories, books, poems, literature, and knowledge for children. Every week children can download their favorite stories and audio content to their device from our curated audio repository.

After a successful pilot with 20 children in a school for the visually impaired in Pune, we are now ready to take the project to phase 2 with 100 children in Pune and Bangalore.

Project aim

  • Create an open source library of audio content for visually impaired children
  • Provide mp3 players to as many visually impaired children as possible so they have access to this open source library of content
  • Bring digital literacy to visually impaired children as they use the mp3 players to browse, select, and download audio content from the open source library to their devices
  • Provide source of income to visually impaired youth volunteers who will manage and administer this project

We are raising funds?

We are raising funds to procure mp3 players and administer the project to a target group of 100 visually impaired boys and girls in Pune and Bangalore in phase 2 of the project. If the project is successful, we will take the project to over 1000 children across India.

Cost breakup

Number of students to be covered 100
Cost of mp3 players with 8 GB memory ( INR 800/unit) INR 1,00,000
Administrative expenses for 6 months INR 15,000
Other costs and overheads INR 5000
Total INR 1,20,100


Support this project

If you wish to support this project, please email us at editor@thekahaniproject.com.

About The Kahani Project

The Kahani Project has been creating an open source library of audio content since 2013. The library can be accessed here – www.thekahaniproject.org. The library now has over 600 stories in 10 different languages. New stories are getting added almost everyday. The stories in the library have been heard/downloaded over 1 lac times by thousands of children across the world.