30 Stories in 30 days.


“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
― Neil Gaiman

Our hearts know that a more beautiful world is possible but it’s the mind which finds it hard to believe that. And I believe stories can bridge the two. Sometimes the change we want to bring doesn’t fit into our existing story of the world.

Solution: Change the Story.

I am taking a challenge of uploading 30 stories in 30 days. One story per day.

All the stories will be listed below.

You can also tell me a story you like and I’ll be very happy to record it. (drop an email at madhur@thekahaniproject.org)


Story List

There was no update from many days and I apologise for that. I couldn’t finish this challenge for some reasons.
Also I want to bring a new flavour. It was getting a bit monotonous.
So the story isn’t over.
It shall begin soon. With something fresh in the new year. 😀

Thank You. It felt good to be part of this.
A Happy New Year to everyone.

21.12.13Apni Ladai A small mouse takes on to fight everyone and she wins. or does she? Find out.A Russian Folktale

20.12.13 Apna Ghar A mouse and a bear exchange their homes. Why? Find Out.A Russian Folktale

19.12.13 Sheikh Chilli Taarghar Mein The Famous Sheikhchilli want to send oil through telegram. Find out what happens.

18.12.13 Adal-Badal Amrat and Isab are two of a kind. And one day they replace each other. Find out.by Pannalal Patel

17.12.13 Aadmi Aur Parchai The shadow of a man wants to run away. An interesting dialogue follows.by Rajiv Tambe

16.12.13 Hawa Aur Badal The clouds are fed up of the wind. They seek freedom. Find out more.by Rajiv Tambe

15.12.13 Sabse Badi Baat Find out the most important wisdom in the world.A Mulla Nasruddin’s Tale.

14.12.13 Nadi Aur Parvat The mountain is jealous of the river. Follow the dialogue. by Rajiv Tambe

13.12.13 Khushbu Aur Khankhanahat What is the cost of Seekh Kabab’s smell? Find out.A Mulla Nasruddin Tale.

12.12.13 Bhul Ka Prayaschit Few drops of honey start a Civil War. A King tries to stop but gets stuck. An Indian Folktale

11.12.13 Ek Geet Aur Ek Kahani A song and A story are locked in a woman’s mind. Tired of being locked in, they sneak out. Find out what happens. An Indian Folktale

10.12.13 Gadha Aur Udbilav A Donkey needs help from his friend the Beaver. But he refuses. Find out why. Russian Tale by Sergei Mikhalkov

9.12.13 Pada Ya Pahada A Thug cons a Pandit. Then someone cons him back. Which knowledge is useful? An Indian Folktale

8.12.13 Kekde Ki Tange What if you had ten legs and were friends with Ravan. An Indian Folktale

7.12.13 Suraj Ya Gola Have you ever played with sun? An Indian folktale

6.12.13 Tarbooj Mein Dhan A sage breaks pride of a king who boasts about his donations. A watermelon is the key character. An Indian Folktale

5.12.13 Bhediye ki Dum An Indian Fable

4.12.13 Anansi and The Pot of Wisdom An African Fable

3.12.13 The Tenth Donkey A Sufi Fable

2.12.13 Chuskit Chali School (Hindi) by Sujata Padmanabhan

1.12.13 Remember Who I Really Am by Neale Donald Walsch

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Khoji. Swaraj University. Storyteller on a mission to open his own imagination. Traveller to lesser known places and roads. Using film and words to share.

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