लडके भी रो सकते हैं (It’s OK for Boys to Cry)


लडके भी रो सकते हैं

It’s OK for Boys to cry

SStereotypes affect all genders. Boys don’t cry is one such stereotype. In this heartwarming and thought-provoking story, we meet Rahul, a young boy from Ahmedabad who discovers that it’s just fine for boys to show their emotions and cry when they are upset or when they feel like crying.

Writer: Manan Thakrar
Storyteller: Aditi Rindani
Presentation: MenTalk, Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum, Ahmedabad
Cover Art: Kisspng.com

About This Story

This story is brought to you in partnership with MenTalk. MenTalk is a project under the umbrella project Shaping Education, initiated by the Ahmedabad hub of the Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum. It is an initiative to target reasons, communications and actions initiated, encouraged and supported by men, which affect the freedom, equity, dignity and co-existence of women in the families, communities and society. MenTalk uses different mediums to spread awareness on gender issues, and also experiments with the methods to vigorously orient boys and girls on gender issues. We do this through collaborations – we have a weekly radio show on a community radio station, we do workshops and events on gender as well.

Read more about MenTalk and join their Facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/thementalk


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