राजा से बुद्धिमान


Mantah is an extraordinary girl born to farmer parents in a kingdom in Cameroon (a country in Africa). She started walking at the age of one, spoke seven languages at the age of two, started cooking for her parents as she became three and she could also talk with animals! Seeing her sharp mind, people of the kingdom exclaim that she is “more intelligent than the king!”
When the wicked king hears that a young girl is famed to be more intelligent than him, he feels insulted. The king tries different ways to deport her, kill her and also uses her intelligence to steal all the credit, pretending to be smart. The brave Mantah in turn performs her best in all the situations and even saves the king and his troop from a giant beast.

Listen to this folktale from Cameroon and find out how Mantah is eventually rewarded and the king punished. 

Story Title: राजा से बुद्धिमान 
Author: Unknown
Storyteller: Zoya Abbas




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