बेडूक एक खरा मित्र (Frog is a Hero)


Frog has the opportunity to be of real service to his friends in this sixth entry in Max Velthuijs’ beloved picture-book series devoted to his adventures and misadventures, first published in Dutch as Kikker is een Held. Delighted at first, when it begins to rain, Frog eventually finds that even a water-loving amphibian like himself can get too much a good thing, when the river floods, and his house is inundated. Seeking shelter at Duck’s house, and then Pig’s, and finally ending up all together at Hare’s island home, as the waters rise, the friends are inconvenienced, but not endangered. Until, that is, the day the food runs out, and Frog decides that, as the best swimmer, he must go for help…
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Story Title: बेडूक एक खरा मित्र
Author and Illustrator: Max Velthuijs
Translation: unknown
Storyteller: Sunanda Hulyalkar


Story: Frog is a Hero
Author and Illustrator:
Max Velthuijs
Storyteller: Shakespeare Primary School
Read out by: Miss Cartwright
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