बूढी औरत और चावल चोर (Old Woman and the Rice Thief)


The old woman loves rice and is frustrated about the thief stealing the rice every night. The old woman had enough and goes to the king to complaint. Unfortunately, the old woman couldn’t meet the king but she makes interesting friends on the way, which help her fight the rice thief. 

Listen to this Bengali folktale featuring courage and humor. 

Story Title: बूढी औरत और चावल चोर 
Author: Betsy Bang
Illustrator: Molly Bang
Translation: Unknown
Storyteller: Dr. Manju Mehta



Story Title: नानी की चावल चोर खा गया 
Storyteller: Suhana Safar



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About the author – Betsy Bang
About the illustrator – Molly Bang




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