नदी पर पुल (Sven’s Bridge)



Sven was a caretaker of a drawbridge, a bridge that can be raised for big boats to pass under it, and he loved his job. One day, the king was getting late for a feast and in his impatience, he couldn’t wait for the bridge to be raised. So he shot down the bridge into pieces! For friends and relatives on either side of the river, meeting and exchanging goods became difficult. 
However, the king’s mistake bit him back and he regretted committing the error in his anger. 

Listen to the story to find out whether the king was able to repair his mistake and make his city connected once again.

Story Title: नदी पर पुल
Author and Illustrator: Anita Lobel
Translation: Unknown
Storyteller: Dr. Manju Mehta



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About the author and illustrator Anita Lobel


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