तीन अंधे चूहे (The Complete Story of The Three Blind Mice)



Based on the old British rhyme of ‘The Three Blind Mice’, this tale tells us the story that led to the fateful event described in the poem and ends with a happy twist.

Three mice decide to have a little adventure and they step out of their home for some fun. On the course of this tour, they grow from bold to scared, hungry, sad, sick and finally wise. Listen to this poetic tale of ‘The Complete story of The Three Blind Mice’.

Story Title: तीन अंधे चूहे
Author: John W. Ivimey
Illustrator: Paul Galdone
Translation: Unknown
Storyteller: Amit Handiekar




Story Title: Three Blind Mice

Storyteller: Alphia Sauer

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About the author – John W. Ivimey
About the illustrator – Paul Galdone


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