ढोल – एक भारतीय लोककथा



A poor little boy living with his mother didn’t care much for any toys except a dhol. However, the mother who barely earned enough to feed themselves could never buy one for her son and neither did the son ask for it. But when money can’t buy something, kindness and generosity can. The mother got a stick for the little boy and through a series of thoughtful acts of giving, the stick was converted into his favourite – a dhol!

Listen to the story to know how giving got the little boy what money couldn’t buy.

Story Title: ढोल – एक भारतीय लोककथा 
Author: Rob Cleveland
Illustrator: Tom Wrenn
Translation: Unknown
Storyteller: Sunidhi Thakur



Story: ढोल की खोज

Storyteller: Jadui Nagri
Story: The Drum: A Folktale from India

Storyteller: August House/Story Cove
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