खिड़की पे खड़ी लड़की (Totto Chan)


Children have fascinating ways to engage with the world so as to be able to soak in all the little pleasures. Young Totto Chan was such a happy child. Which is why her mother was surprised when Toto Chan’s teacher told her that Totto Chan was going to be expelled from school after just a week of admission. The complaints that the teacher had were some innocuous and amusing habits of Totto Chan. She used to open the desk compartment too often, talked to sparrows and even stopped a musical troupe passing by to make them perform for class. The mother didn’t want to discourage Totto Chan from expressing her freedom which is why she found another school for Totto Chan.

The story here is an excerpt from the autobiographical memoir, Totto Chan, written by Tetsuko Kuronayagi.

Story Title: खिड़की पे खड़ी लड़की 
Author: Tetsuko Kuronayagi
Illustrator: Chihiro Ivasaki
Translator: Purva Kushvaha
Storyteller: Priya Garg


Story: Totto Chan Part 1
Author: Tetsuko Kuronayagi
Illustrator: Chihiro Ivasaki
Storyteller: Minh Chau
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About the author – Tetsuko Kuronayagi



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