कहानी वाला कम्बल (The Story Blanket)


Babba Zarrah lives in a village in snow-covered mountains. Children from the village come to Babba Zarrah’s house and arrange themselves on her beautiful woolen blanket as she tells them stories. As the winter became bitter and the supply of wool limited, Zarrah finds a way to help the villagers because she believed, “Every question has an answer”.

Listen to the story to find out how does the close-knit community of Babba Zarrah’s village help each other to survive the winter when no external help is possible.

Story Title: कहानी वाला कम्बल 
Author: Ferida Wolff
Illustrator: Elena Odriozola
Translation: Unknown
Storyteller: Sujata



Story: The Story Blanket

Storyteller: Theresa Cho
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Read the full story in Hindi

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About the author – Ferida Wolff
About the illustrator – Elena Odriozola




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