The Seeds of Friendship



he Seeds of Friendship by Michael Foreman is a story about a young African boy named Adam who seeks warmth and familiarity in a big American city. He misses the colorful landscape and his old friends. He asks his parents to tell him stories of his native land every night after which he makes drawings based on the story to stick it in his bedroom. The story shows his journey of transforming the seemingly strange, cold place into his home when Adam makes a few friends and his teacher notices Adam’s love for gardens and gives him a few seeds.

Just as his other books in The Seeds of Friendship, Foreman portrays a grown-up matter like that of immigrant inclusion in a way that it beautifully fits into a child’s narrative without aversion or angst.

Story Title: दोस्ती का बीज
Author: Michael Foreman
Translation: Unknown
Illustrations: Michael Foreman
Storyteller: Priya Garg
Story Title: The Seeds of Friendship
Author: Michael Foreman
Language: English
Storyteller: Storytime with James and Alison
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