The Louse and the Mosquito


Poem Title: The Louse and The Mosquito
Author: Vikram Seth
Storyteller: Ajay Dasgupta
Language: English


The Louse and The Mosquito is a delightful poem by Vikram Seth from his book Beastly Tales From Here And There. This poem is based on an Indian legend. A kind hearted louse, who lives with his family in a king’s quilt, allows a clever mosquito to become a guest just for one night. Trouble begins when the impatient mosquito ends up biting the king despite strict instructions from the louse. The moral of the poem is that is is not always beneficial to be too generous and hospitable.

Full Text

Poem Source: Google Books: Beastly Tales From Here And There
Image courtesy: Google Books

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  1. Amazing story telling.

    Pauses, voice modulation, tone all set perfectly.

  2. Just joking of is amazing

  3. *it is amazing

  4. aditya tripathyJune 9, 2017 at 5:09 am · Reply

    very nice book

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