The Gifts of Wali Dad


The Gifts of Wali Dad is a folk tale of India and Pakistan. Wali Dad is a simple and generous grasscutter. He is content with his modest living conditions and even manages to save money from his meager earnings. One day, he realizes that his savings had filled the pot in which he stored money. Already satisfied with whatever he has, Wali Dad decides to buy a gift to the “noblest lady on Earth” from his savings. However, the gift-giving did not end there and created a tangle in Wali Dad’s life. Wali Dad’s giving nature led him to become a rich man. But what would Wali Dad, a simple man do with all the riches? Listen to the story to find out.

Story Title: वली दादच्या भेट वस्तू
Author: Andrew Lang, Retold by Aaron Shepherd
Translation: Sushil Menson
Illustrations: Daniel San Souci
Storyteller: Sunanda Hulyalkar
Story Title: वली दादच्या भेट वस्तू
Author: Andrew Lang, Retold by Aaron Shepherd
Storyteller: Germa Nika
Illustrations: Unknown
Story Title: वली दाद के तोहफे
Author: Unknown
Storyteller: Priya Garg


Origin of the story

The story was first written under the title, ‘Story of Wali Dad, the Simple Hearted’ by Andrew Lang. It was published in his book ‘Brown Fairy Tales’ which is a collection of folk tales from across the globe. Lang got the story from Major Campbell who was a British officer stationed in the Punjab of British India. Campbell in turn had heard the story from an Indian. Punjab was later split between India and Pakistan but the story of Wali Dad remains a known tale in both the regions.
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