The Blue Jackal


Long Howl was a timid jackal living on the outskirts of the forest. Once, as he was being chased by a pack of dogs, Long Howl jumped in a barrel full of blue dye to hide. When he stepped out, he had a blue coat of dye over his jackal skin. When he re-entered the forest, the other animals were astounded and scared to see a unique creature with vibrant blue fur. Soon, Long Howl became the king of the jungle and started ordering around other animals for his food and comfort. How long can this last? Can Long Howl hide his true identity forever?

Listen to this retelling of an ancient fable from Panchatantra.

Story Title: निळा कोल्हा 
Author and Illustrator: Mehlli Gobhai
Translation: Sushil Menson
Storyteller: Aparajita Morde

Story Title: नीला सियार 
Author and Illustrator: Mehlli Gobhai
Translation: unknown
Storyteller: Zoya Abbas

Story Title: The Blue Jackal
Re-written by: BookBox
Storyteller: Bookboxinc

Story Title: रंगा सियार Storyteller: Kidda TV
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In love with stories and how they create history, culture and identity!

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