Why the Tree is Sad

A song story about a sad tree and his many friends – the monkey, the snake, the tiger, the eagle who brings him fish, the mouse who sings him rap. They even call a witch who gives him a dose of ‘dream’. All his friends try to find what makes him so sad. Can you guess, finally, what really makes the tree happy again?

Chal Re Bhoplya Tunuk Tunuk

Meet a clever old woman who manages to outwit a hungry tiger and a wolf. This Marathi song is very popular among children.

The Ghost of the Mountains

The residents of Ang, a small village in the Himalayan mountains in Ladakh, wake up one morning to find an unusual visitor in their midst. The villagers are angry, very angry, and threaten to kill the visitor. A young lad of the village is the only one who feels that the visitor must be spared. What can he possibly do?

Choohon Ka Juloos (A Procession of Mice)

This is a Tibetan fable where a cunning cat comes up with a strategy to get a daily supply of mice, till the clever brothers, Ambho and Shambo devise a counter plan!

Bandar Mama (The Crocodile and the Monkey)

Additional Reference Watch an animated version of this story: