Sheyal Keno Hukka Hua Kore (Why does the jackal go hukka hua)


Why does the jackal go hukka-hua! This is a fun Santhali tale from rural West Bengal.

Story Title: Sheyal Keno Hukka Hua Kore
Writer: Sunirmal Basu
Storyteller: Sangeeta
Language: Bengali




I am a writer, illustrator, storyteller and graphics designer. I am crafts crazy artist who loves working for children. Theater, painting, printing, recycling, knitting, embroidery, stitching, puppetry, origami, sewing, cooking, writing, beading, singing, photography, farming.... I love to work with children, in any form of creative arts & learning method, that gives me a scope to learn from them, while sharing my knowledge with them.

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