Rupa the Elephant


RUPA THE ELEPHANT by Mickey Patel is a cute short story with beautiful illustrations for children with wonderful crisp narration. It is the story of a zoo elephant Rupa, who feels that he looks ugly.

His close friend Chinchi the bird, finds out his sorrow and takes the help of its other friends in the zoo to lend some beautiful colors to Rupa. And finally, Rupa feels happy with its new appearance. But the children who often ride the elephant find its new look to be scary and run away. Rupa, realizes that his natural look was wonderful and cleans itself in a pond.

The children come back for the ride and Rupa and Chinchi lived happily thereafter. This book is recommended for children of young ages. It carries an underlying moral that, “beauty is not all that matters, but what we are is that it matters”. The story line is wonderful, the language is simple and the illustrations are wonderful. Do read this book along with your kid.

Story Title: Rupa the Elephant
Storyteller: Sowmya Srinivasan
Author: Mickey Patel
Language: English

Sowmya Srinivasan

Storyteller, dreamer..eternally hoping for all my dreams to come true...and they are! Educator, Blogger, Mother of 2 ... Sensitive and emotional...I cry at the drop of a hat....(don't drop it, I say!) I thoroughly enjoy gaining new insights through the stories I read and share...

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