Rail Pe

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Poem Title: Rail Pe (On the Tracks)
Teller: Nishant Jha
Language: Hindi

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About the Poem

The relationship between Indians and their trains is now more than a century old. The microcosm of a train is likely to bring us into contact with many more people than we could imagine to meet.

So for the man who is trying to get on the train during peak hour, a host of interesting characters awaits.

What will he discover of his co-passengers? Will the bald man give him that special place to sit? What is that strange liquid dripping from the berth overhead? Parcels have people wrapped up in them and school teachers attempt to ride without tickets…or do they?

Take a train ride from 1984 and savour the back and forth rhythm of a train journey.

Mario Miranda captures the sentiment of travelling in a train – albeit a Mumbai local – with his usual attention to detail. Learn more about the artist’s work here.





Karishma is fascinated with language and how it contributes to identity. As a facilitator and educator, she wants to bring more storytelling into formal education...that is until formal education is overhauled altogether.

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