क्या तुम मेरी माँ हो? | Are you my mother?


इस कहानी में एक बच्चा अपनी माँ के प्रति अपने हृदय की भावनाओं को व्यक्त करता है।

A children’s classic. A baby bird falls from its nest and is separated from his mother. The baby bird goes looking for his mother. On the way he encounters many beings and has many interesting experiences. In the end when he returns to the nest, he finds his mother waiting for him.

Audio Stories in Hindi and Punjabi

Story Title: क्या तुम मेरी माँ हो? 
Language: Punjabi Storyteller: Vibha Mahajan

Story Title: क्या तुम मेरी माँ हो? 
Language: Hindi Source: NCERT Channel – 


More Information About Author

  • About the author: P.D.Eastman
  • Translated in Punjabi by Vibha Mahajan

Story source and pdf





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