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With a sweet voice, a gentle demeanor and an ambitious outlook, Sunanda Hulyalkar is a lady with many accolades. Apart from having a successful business in electronic office equipment products, Sunanda has taken time out to be an amazing storyteller, the Committee Chairman of Rotary International Literacy Mission and winning an award from Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi for her work, telling stories to the blind, being a successful voice-over artist and many more things. We are glad to have her continuing contribution to The Kahani Project.

Here’s a short chat with Hulyalkar about her journey with storytelling

Our Favourites by the Storyteller
  1. Nasreen’s Secret School
    Writer: Jeanette Winter
    Storyteller (Marathi): Sunanda Hulyalkar
    Illustrations: Jeanette Winter

2. Nine Short Stories of Tagore in Marathi

Writer: Rabindranath Tagore
Translation: Anil Havaldar
Storyteller (Marathi): Sunanda Hulyalkar
Publisher: Jyotsana Prakashan


3. I am Helen Keller (Marathi)

Story Title: मी आहे – हेलेन केलर
Author: ब्रैड मेत्ज़र
Illustrator: चहृस्टोफर
Marathi Translation: अनुजा सामंत
Storyteller: सुनंदा
Language: मराठी


4. Shin’s Tricycle

Story Title: शिनची ट्रायसीकल
Translation: नेहा सुगवेकर
Storyteller: सुनंदा


5. Emmanuel’s Dream

Laurie Ann Thompson
Storyteller (Marathi): Sunanda Hulyalkar
Illustrations: Sean Qualls


More about the Storyteller

Sunanda Hulyalkar has her own YouTube channel called सुनंदा आजीच्या गोष्टी. You can tune in to her channel and listen to her stories here.




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