Kabuliwala By Rabindranath Tagore

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Story Title: Kabuliwala
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Storyteller: Mahua Bose
Language: English
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A beautiful introduction to the story can be found here: https://thequiltsofindia.wordpress.com/2012/01/ We also found the beautiful Kabuliwala quilt on this website. Please do explore this website and post a word of appreciation.

From Wikipedia
Abdur Rehman Khan, a middle-aged dry fruit seller from Kabul (Afghanistan), comes to Calcutta to hawk his merchandise and befriends a small Bengali girl called Mini who reminds him of his own daughter Amina back in Afghanistan.

Since he is short of money he decides to sell his goods on credit for increasing his business. Later, when he goes to collect his money, one of his customers abuses him and in the fight that ensues Rehman warns that he will not tolerate abuse and stabs the man when he does not stop the abuse. He was jailed for years. On the day of his release, he goes to meet Mini but discovers that she has grown up into a woman and is about to get married. Mini does not recognize Rehman, he realises that his own daughter must have forgotten him too.

Mini’s father gives Rehman the money for traveling back to Afghanistan out of Mini’s wedding budget to which Mini agrees; she also sends a gift for Rehman’s daughter. (Source: Wikipedia)

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