Indradhanush Prithvi Par Utra

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Story Title: Indradhanush Prithvi Par Utra (The Day the Rainbow Came to Earth)
Storyteller: Minakshi Pathak
Language: Hindi

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About the Story

We might learn in school that there’s a very scientific reason for rainbows in the sky. But do you think all explanations involve angles and waves and refraction? No!

This Hindi story tells the story of the rainbow as someone full of the many colours of nature. He decides, one day, that the Earth is too beautiful to be looked at from the sky. So he decides to descend. But he surprised that the hospitality of Nature does not extend to him.

Crestfallen, he approaches a little boy and hazards asking him for shelter. The little boy is thrilled to have a rainbow of his own in his very own home. But soon, Saptam, the rainbow, misses his home. What happens then? Will he return or stay with his new friend?

Join the Raju on his adventure with a real, live rainbow.





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