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Gordon The Goat

Gordon was just like any other goat. He always did what every other goat did, blindly follow the leader. But one day, he had an experience that forever changed the way he thought. Now he leads himself and does not do things just because everyone else is also doing it.

Boodhi samajhdar aurat(Punjabi)

एक जापानी लोक कथा एक ऐसे गांव की जहाँ का राजा बूढ़े लोगों को पहाड़ी पर अकेले मरने के लिए छोड़ देने का हुकुम...

Chichibaba Ke Bhai (Brothers from Chichibaba)

In a distant land called Chichibaba there lived two brothers. One was called Guruk and the other was called Turuk. They loved each other...

The Story Of Susan B Anthony

  About the story : Susan B. Anthony was an American social reformer and women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage...

क्या तुम मेरी माँ हो? | Are you my mother?

इस कहानी में एक बच्चा अपनी माँ के प्रति अपने हृदय की भावनाओं को व्यक्त करता है। A children’s classic. A baby bird falls from...
Subhash Chandra Bose

A Short Story from the Life of Subhash Chandra Bose (Hindi)

भारतीय स्वतंत्रता संग्राम में कई वीरों ने अपनी आहुति दीl उनमें से एक हैं नेताजी सुभाष चंद्र बोस. आइए उनके जन्मदिवस पर सुने उनके...

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