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भूत पकडणारा न्हावी (The Ghost Catcher)

There once lived a kind and generous barber who loved listening to people’s stories as he cut their hair. However, the barber had a...

चतुर धोबी

Aung Kiang is the best washerman in his town. He is hardworking and he “worked magic in his washtub, for he made white clothes...

उचित पुरस्कार (Just Rewards)

A Chinese folktale of greed and generosity, ' उचित पुरस्कार ', tells the story of two neighbours who meet the consequences of their actions. When one...

सैंडी आणि साइमन (Where is Simon, Sandy?)

T he story of Sandy and Simon is an old Caribbean folktale believed to be originated from a real incident, kept alive since generations through...

Community Sourced Stories

H ere's a collection of community sourced stories consisting of more than 150 eclectic stories in different languages. A lot of the stories are sourced...

The Blind Dog

  Adog on the street and a poor blind man develop a beautiful symbiotic friendship. The dog soon helps the blind man get alms by...

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