Tyash Goru (Strange Cow) from Abol Tabol

A cow that really is a bird - Meet Tash Goru. This is a poem from the hilarious Bengali poem compilation Abol Tabol (Gibberish in Benagli) by Sukumar Ray.

A Gaine Folk Song By Chandra Bahadur Gandharbya

The Kahani team caught up with Chandra Bahadur Gandharbhya (Gaine) during the 3rd Confluence, Festival of Indigenous Storytellers, 2012 in Darjeeling organized by Acoustic Traiditional.

Tuthuni Veda and The Story Of Creation By Pratap Rumjali Rai

The Kahani team had a fantastic opportunity to interview Mr. Pratap Rumjali Rai during the Storytelling Festival organized by Acoustic Traditional in Darjeeling in...

Living Stories : Storytelling Traditions of India

India is a land of storytellers and storytelling. The Living Stories film takes us on journey to different parts of India, to explore the different kinds of story telling arts in India- from Padvani, a story telling art in Chhattisgarh, to Kathakali, in Kerala.

The Technology of Storytelling

Storytelling can take on myriad forms. Joes Sabia tells his stories through the iPad. In this talk on Ted.com he introduces us to Lothar...

Bandar Mama (The Crocodile and the Monkey)

Bandar Mama is a poem by Manish Pandey. The poem is about a greedy crocodile and a clever monkey. Poem Title: Bandar Mama Author: Manish Pandey Storyteller:...

Kitabein (An Ode to Books)

Kitabein is a poem by Safdar Hashmi about the beautiful world of books.