Cupcake Kahani

The Gobble Up witch bakes 'gobblicious' treats made Joy, the giant cupcake who was really sweet In Came hungry Hansel and greedy Grettle They weren't willing to share, they weren't willing to settle Each wanted yummy Joy all to their self Joy saw trouble brewing while sitting on the shelf Joy took a leap and decided to run away The children ran after her begging her to stay "oh no" said Joy having mind of her own I won't let you eat me up all alone. Enter witch Gobble-Up to the rescue "here now children, let me help you I made the cupcake with love and care I made the giant cupcake so that you two could share." The children thought about this, the witch made sense they were no longer fighting, they were back to being friends.

Practice Makes Perfect

Ralph the monkey learns the age-old lesson - practice makes perfect!

Oh! Tell Me, What Ails The Lion ?

One morning, all was quiet in the jungle. Dawn had not broken yet and all the animals were fast asleep. The rabbits were sleeping cozily in their burrows. The tortoise was in its shell, and the fish in the stream were still as stone. Even the owl, which had stayed up all night, was settling in to sleep on a low branch. Suddenly, a terrible roar from the lion broke the silence.

Chimni (The Sparrows)

The sparrows are ready to go out foraging for food. There is mama sparrow, uncle sparrow and aunt sparrow along with the four young sparrows who have just learnt to fly. It's a big day today as they will be foraging outside their nest for the first time today and the entire party is going to a nearby field.

A Brahmin Who Ate Up God

About Story Title: A Brahmin Who Ate Up God Author: Storyteller: Dola Dasgupta Language: English Description A priest who was troubled by his fate, one day decided to...

An Elephant In The House

What do you do when you have an elephant in your living room? Listen to this sweet story about a family that finds an elephant sitting and watching TV in their drawing room one day.

The Librarian of Basra

Alia Muhammad Baker is a librarian in Basra, Iraq. Her library that has 30,000 books, is a meeting place for the book lovers of the city. The library has books in hundreds of different languages and even has a 700 year old book on Prophet Muhammad. Alia loves her library and the books. They are dearer to her than mountains of gold. As Iraq heads into war, Alia fears for her library and the books. Will she be able to save the books and the library or will the war destroy everything? This is a beautiful story about how one person's conviction and love can move mountains; literally.

Feeling the Drawing – Drawing the Feeling

A 7-year-old was very happy with his creation that day. He told my friend Monika, “Someone told us that the blind cannot do two things – Drive and Draw. Today we could draw.” This was the magic that all of us co-created that day. This is what this story is about. Our assumptions are our boundaries. Nothing is more empowering to me than one more assumption breaking. Drawing with the touching slate broke down many of them for all of us that day.

A Curly Tale

A poor cobbler wants to become rich quickly. He seeks the help of a holy man who assigns Bhootram, the a ghost, to help him become rich. The only catch is that Bhootram must be kept engaged all the time or he will eat the cobbler and his wife! What will they do?

Kabuliwala By Rabindranath Tagore

KKabuliwala is a timeless classic by Rabindranath Tagore. Abdur Rehman Khan, a middle-aged dry fruit seller from Kabul (Afghanistan), comes to Calcutta to hawk...