Gordon The Goat


Gordon the Goat

GGordon was just like any other goat. He always did what every other goat did – blindly follow the leader. But one day, he had an experience that forever changed the way he thought. Now he leads himself instead of being led. Now he does not do things just because everyone else is also doing it.
Writer: Munro Leaf
Hindi Translation: Arvind Gupta

Writer: Munro Leaf
Storyteller (English): Ramya Prahalad
Writer: Munro Leaf
Hindi Translation: Arvind Gupta
Storyteller (English): Aditi Kumari

Ajay Dasgupta

Facilitator, Game Designer and Social Media Expert who believes that technology, intent and the Agile methodology can change the world. He is the founder of The Kahani Project and also the co-founder of Epiphany Learning (www.epiphanylearning.co.in)

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