Ganpatrao and His Four Selfish Sons


Story Title: Ganpatrao and His Four Selfish Sons
Writer: Deepesh Chandran
Storyteller: Deepesh Chandran
Language: English

Full Story

This story is set in the heart of Pune, in the year 1920. There lived a wealthy old man- Ganpatrao who lived in a big mansion (typically called as ‘wada’ in Pune). Ganpatrao lived with his 4 middle aged sons in this mansion, where there was a beautiful big lawn in front of the mansion.
The lawn of this mansion was filled with flowers, trees and a big well, whose water Ganpatrao’s entire family used to use for the daily purpose.
Ganpatrao was a self made man, who was a social worker, benevolent, courteous and had seen various ups and downs in his life. But unfortunately, his 4 sons could not imbibe these qualities of Ganpatrao in spite of various efforts and preaching of Ganpatrao. None of them ever did well in their professional life either.
1920 was a time where there was acute shortage of water in that area. Ganpatrao suggested his 4 sons to build a well in the northern corner of his lawn. Ganapatrao had done his research to find underground water and knew that if we dig a well in the northern corner of lawn, one could find fresh water.
The Ganatpatrao family already had their own big well and thus if it would be a very good social cause if the new well could be left open for the public to use.
BUT the sons who were very selfish people disagreed to do it, as they didn’t want to help anyone. They opposed to Ganpatrao’s noble idea. Now months passed by and old Ganpatrao.. the old man that he was, started falling ill. Slowly his health deteriorated and he finally died a peaceful death. The 4 sons were very sad on his demise and slowly missed the father and the various preaching that he used to give.
Then one day, they decide to fulfill the wish of their father i.e. to dig a well on the northern corner of the lawn for the poor and needy. They start digging…one feet down…two feet down….five feet down and TANNGGG comes a large noise. The shovel had hit something really hard. The surprised brothers try digging around it to find that they found a large iron pot.
They opened this large iron pot and found something that surprised then even more!! The whole pot was filled with gold coins and these 4 brothers had thus found a treasure. BUT there was note also kept in that same pot, which changed their life forever.

The note read as follows –
“My dear 4 sons, I, Ganpatrao have kept this huge amount of gold coins in this iron pot, with a hope that you find it someday. This day would be that day, where you all leave your selfish nature..and decide do something for the society i.e. build a well for the poor people around us. You would have never found this treasure, unless you had given up your selfish nature. I thus teach you the biggest lesson – Do good to all, so that good happens to you ”
After this 4 sons become changed people and started helping people just like their father. And as fate could have had it, they had started doing well in their professional life as well…and lived happily ever after.




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