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Since 2012, The Kahani Project has been striving to answer the question: how do we ensure that a visually challenged child has the same access to stories that any other child has?

Through our work, we come across people who have similar questions driving them. We meet people who seek ways in which to dissolve the disparity within and between communities. When we meet these people we are humbled by the work, love and the years they put into the communities they work with.

One such forum for exchanging ideas and sharing journeys is the annual eNGO Challenge South Asia. The 4th eNGO Challenge South Asia culminated in a day filled with learning at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) put together a panel of speakers from across the corporate and NGO spectrum. Each came with their undiluted views and gave the gathered NGOs something to think about.

We also met some very interesting people from South Asia. We met old friends – the IDEA Foundation, Pune – and made some new friends too.

  1. The Citizen’s Archive of Pakistan – archiving the history of Pakistan because culture and history belong to everyone. The CAP has digitised 63,000 unique photographs from private and public collections and over 1,800 oral histories. They even organised a cricket match for school children between India and Pakistan making it the first cricket match between two countries.
  2. Annakshetra Foundation Trust – working towards turning food wastage into a dignified solution for those who have limited access to food. After social, religious or other gatherings, Annakshetra gives people the opportunity to respectfully donate surplus food to people who need the meal. The interesting thing about the way Annakshetra views this charge is that the food is not simply sent to the needy. It is tested and checked and then a volunteer partakes in the same meal as the beneficiaries. Dignity is as much a part of their work as ensuring zero food wastage.
  3. The MOHAN Foundation – builds a network of those seeking to donate and receive organs. The Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network seeks to minimize wastage, optimise supply and create awareness about organ donation.
  4. Digital Green – creates a platform for farmers to share videos about practices that work for them. Others are then given the chance to try these practices out and then comment on their efficacy. It creates role-models within the community, the rate of dissemination is higher and the method is more effective.
  5. Dalit Sangha – has empowered Dalit children in Madhya Pradesh by training them to be child journalists. They run their own monthly newspaper. The children are advocates of their own needs and are capable of creating awareness about relevant issues though their own Voice.

These are just some of the interesting finalists. There are so many people doing so many wonderful things in Asia. We are grateful and humbled by the support of the eNGO community. Thank you so much for everything!

For the details of the Challenge visit: http://engochallenge.org/



Karishma is fascinated with language and how it contributes to identity. As a facilitator and educator, she wants to bring more storytelling into formal education...that is until formal education is overhauled altogether.

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