As Norman Gorstby is sitting at dusk, on a park bench in London, a young man sits on the bench and curses, leading Gortsby to ask him about his situation. The man tells him that he was from another city and due to a series of events, was lost without a place to stay at night and without a penny in his pocket.

What begins as an internal monologue and a reflective commentary on dusk by Gortsby quickly turns into a gripping narrative about the young man’s almost incredulous story and a cake of soap which was ‘the only convincing touch in his story’.

Listen to this classic H H Munro story to find out if the man was being honest or simply spinning a yarn to fill his pockets.  

Story Title: Dusk
Author: H H Munro (Saki)
Storyteller: Vandita Gauba



Story Title: डस्क
Author: H H Munro (Saki)
Hindi Translation by: Ashwini Singh
Storyteller: Vandita Gauba

Story: Dusk Story in Hindi (सांज)
Storyteller: Blueprint Digital

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More on the story

H H Munro
Hector Hugh Munro, known by his pen name Saki or as H H Munro was a British writer known for his wit and intellect. This master short story writer frequently mocked the customs of Edwardian England and his characters often interestingly found out of place in the English context. 
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