Dinunche Bill – Dinu’s Bill (Marathi)

Dinunche Bill – Dinu’s Bill (Marathi)

Writer: G.A.Kulkarni
Storyteller: Sucheta Kadethankar
Original artwork: ecofugal
Language: Marathi

About this Story 

Dinunche Bill (Dinu’s Bill in Marathi) is a heart warming Marathi story of a young boy named Dinu who on understanding what a ‘Bill’ means presents his mother with a bill for the work he did the day before.

The mother pays the bill amount promptly but writes another bill in Dinu’s name. The bill contains a list of all tasks that she has done to bring Dinu up through his birth and childhood, only this time the amount stated in the bill is zero.

Dinu is a story written by renowned Marathi author G.A. Kulkarni

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