Dennischya Goshti (The Adventures of Dennis)

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Story Title: Dennichya Goshti (The Adventures of Dennis)
Author: Victor Dragunsky
Storyteller: Rutu Gole
Language: Marathi
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I like to lie on my stomach, slung over Daddy’s knee, with my arms and legs dangling like wash on a line. I like to play chess, checkers and dominoes, but only if I win. If don’t, I don’t.
I like to listen to a beetle scratching inside a box. And on Sundays I like to crawl into bed beside Daddy so we can talk about our dog. As soon as we move to a bigger apartment we’re going to buy a dog and train it, and feed it, and it’ll be a very intelligent and bouncy dog, and it’ll steal lump sugar, and I’ll wipe up all its puddles, and it’ll follow me around like a devoted dog.
I also like to watch TV, no matter what the program’s about. I like to breathe into Mommy’s ear. But most of all I like to sing, and I always sing very loudly.
I love stories about Red Army cavalrymen who always win their battles.
I like to stand in front of the mirror and make faces like a Punch and Judy show. I also like sardines.
I like to read stories about Kanchil. Kanchil is a small, smart, naughty gazelle with quick eyes and tiny horns, and shiny pink hooves. When we move to a bigger apartment we’ll buy a gazelle, and it’ll live in the bathroom.
I like to swim where it’s shallow so I can hold onto the sandy bottom.
At parades I like to wave a little red flag and blow a tinhorn.
I like to call people up on the telephone.
I like to hammer and saw, and I can make clay heads of warriors and bisons. I also made a clay wood grouse and a big cannon. I like to give everything I make away as gifts.
I like to chew on something when I read.
I like company.”

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Rutu Gole

Biographical info about the storyteller coming soon...

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