Cupcake Kahani


Story Title: Cupcake Kahani
Author: Neeraja Pandav, Fizza Shaida, Kritika, Naina Rao
Storyteller: Neeraja Pandav, Fizza Shaida, Kritika, Naina Rao
Language: English



The Gobble-Up witch bakes ‘gobblicious’ treats
made Joy the giant cupcake who was really sweet

In came hungry Hansel and greedy Grettle
They weren’t willing to share, they weren’t willing to settle

Each wanted yummy Joy all to their self
Joy saw trouble brewing while sitting on the shelf

Joy took a leap and decided to run away
The children ran after her begging her to stay

“Oh no!” said Joy having a mind of her own
I won’t let you eat me up all alone

Enter witch Gobble-Up to the rescue
“here now children, let me help you”

I made the cupcake with love and care
I made the giant cupcake so that you two could share.”

The children thought about this, the witch made sense
they were no longer fighting, they were back to being friends.



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