Pagla Dashu

Discover one of Bengali children literature’s most famous and endearing character – Pagla Dashu. Dashu is a school boy, famous for his crazy ideas and often inexplicable acts that carry subtle, comedic satire. Presented here are three stories from the Pagla Dashu Series:

Sindhi Stories

The Sindhi language is a living reminder of the ancient roots of this community.

eNGO Challenge Awards – Learning from Examples

The Kahani Project was a finalist at the 4th eNGO Challenge South Asia. We are proud to say that we made a mark in the category of Best Use of Audio/Visual Content.

Garud Ani Ghubad

Find out what happens when old enemies decide that it is time to be friends. The owl and the eagle have decided to bury the hatchet. But will the hungry eagle be able to recognise the owl’s little ones? Will the owl’s description help?

Dost Ya Dushman – Part 1

Sherlock Holmes’ Indian avatar, Inspector Sherman has been called out to Sonapur to solve the murder of the wealthy Suman Anand. Who could feel the need to shoot Suman Anand at point-blank range?



Storython II

Welcome to Storython II – 2014 About the event Storython is an event organized jointly by The Orchid School and The Kahani Project. The event is about meeting new people and recording stories about our heritage and culture. All in a span of 3-6 hours. Past Storythons View our past storythons here: How will this happen Here is a quick glance at what we will do Step 1: Select a Story from following categories: […]

Katha Dhara!

Katha Dhara!

Every so often one finds themselves in a suspended reality. One where the imagination of their mind holds hands with the beauty of the world and soars towards creating a whole new universe. Sometimes it is a daydream, sometimes it is a poem, a short-story, a film, a song or even a painting. But what if when your imagination begins to awaken and you have no place to let it play? To let it slide down the slope of emotions and inspiration? To […]

Oh! Tell Me, What Ails The Lion ?

One morning, all was quiet in the jungle. Dawn had not broken yet and all the animals were fast asleep. The rabbits were sleeping cozily in their burrows. The tortoise was in its shell, and the fish in the stream were still as stone. Even the owl, which had stayed up all night, was settling in to sleep on a low branch. Suddenly, a terrible roar from the lion broke the silence.

Kabuliwala By Rabindranath Tagore

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